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A simple self installation process allows you to have your home monitoring system up and running in just a few minutes.

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98% 49 votes Caution: Some Home Security Cameras Might Share Your Private Videos Scout Alarm Home Security ReviewDIY home security solutions in which homeowners install and monitor the systems on their own are in high demand.

best home security camera dvr system

This state is a wonderful place to live, with reasonable crime rates, and of course our famous weather. Alas, California homeowners are just as vulnerable as the rest of the nation when it comes to being targeted for property crimes. One of the best things that you can do for the protection of your home and family is take the time to design and set up a security system that will successful monitor your property and keep you updated!On this site you’ll find information about home security camera installation, understanding of the most common mistakes in security camera layout, and a basic knowledge of the home security camera laws California has in place. We hope you find the information you’re looking for and feel empowered to get the security system you deserve!You are allowed to install cameras covering any area that you can see LEGALLY from your property. This negates your neighbor’s back yard, but only to protect their rights to privacy while you protect yours. You can also use security cameras in your home for monitoring purposes, such as nanny cams. But it’s important to be careful with the extent to which you take interior monitoring. Public rooms are generally considered fine, but bedrooms and bathrooms or areas considered private are NOT fair game for surveillance. In addition it is important to know that any audio recording is ILLEGAL in California unless BOTH parties in question have signed a waiver saying they’re okay with the recording. Getting your home security system installed is one of the most important steps in the process!Let’s be honest even if you design the coolest system out on paper, it’s going to do NO GOOD unless you put that design into action. Security systems are one area of life where you must be proactive if you want anything to happen.

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Spectrum Home Security works with top of the line Home Security Suppliers across the nation to provide you and your family peace of mind, knowing your home is completly protected and backed up by professional specialists available to you 24/7.

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