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Alternatively, you can self monitor by keeping an eye on your home through alerts and video feeds on your smartphone.

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Please note that you would still have to purchase the necessary equipment.

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home alarm systems review canada

fantastic website. Then do some Google searches. I've been with them about 3 years, and couldn't be a happier customer. Thank you, Frontpoint!Your hard work and dedication to your customers shows!I have had this system in my home for a month now and it was been wonderful. Not only were they super friendly and helpful with my questions before I signed on, they have continued to be helpful and friendly afterward too. I have a top notch GE GSM cellular alarm system for no more cost than most land line systems. I also can take my system with me when I move, an option not available with other companies without much added cost. I can add to my system, up to 40 sensors, meaning I can customize it to my home very easily. I have ordered a few extra sensors since my initial purchase, that came fast and easy to install. The system comes ready to install, you follow the simple directions in the box and give Front Point a call after everything is in place and you are up and running in less than 30 minutes. I would recommend this company and have to anyone!This system should be ranked 1 over Front point!Why it is not is a mystery to me.

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00 at Pros: Easy to install.

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